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What drives Bright Green Connect?

Dali Power supply dimmable


A power supply is often a secondary consideration when installing an LED lighting system or designing a luminaire. LED lighting components are so versatile that it’s easy to think that you can ‘plug and play’ with any LED driver or simply wire the system into the mains. However, the environmental setting of your lighting scheme can have a huge impact on your power performance and the longevity of the whole system. For example, in Dubai, in external applications the driver will need to be able to withstand high temperatures, humidity and pollution from dust, sand and so on. This requires a specialist approach to supply a driver that can cope with the extreme conditions.

The LED market is changing fast, as understanding of the benefits of using LEDs becomes more widespread. Our customers have an increasingly technical approach to lighting design, and are demanding greater control, additional features such as 100,000-hour lifetimes, dim-to-off capability, multiple control interfaces, flicker free diming and contactless programming.

We realised that a ‘more connected’, consultative approach was needed to guide our customers to the right products for their project. Bright Green Connect specialises in power connectivity, supplying power supplies and intelligent LED drivers and lighting controls. We value engineering excellence, innovation and customer service, and this guides our product recommendation in all projects. We offer a wide range of standard products as well as developing our own custom LED drivers using state of the art innovations, but our focus is on delivering value for money and scalability to ensure we have a suitable product to meet our customers application.