About Us

Being ‘connected’ means more to us than just our products; we are connected to our customers, connected to the market and connected to the latest technology.

We work with our customers to develop the next generation of power supplies and connected products.  We select the best design and manufacturing partners, ensuring that our range is aligned with demand and allowing custom products to be quickly developed.  Our expert staff share a dedication to quality, reliability and customer service that sets us apart.

Bright Green Connect is a sister company to LED lighting specialist Bright Green Technology

Bright Green Connect focuses on total value engineering from concept to delivery. Our business is guided by these key principles:


Leading technology that will improve the capability of our customers.


Inherent reliability built in, backed by industry leading warranties. Attentive designs with top quality components and market leading product support.


ISO certification for all our facilities, extensive safety certification and ongoing support for our products.


Co-operation with leading designers, manufacturers and developers. In house engineering and development.


Our manufacturing partners capacity is in excess 100 million units per annum. Together with local stock, this ensures that we can react to any reasonable requirements.


Continuous investment in our team helps us to deliver the highest standard of support and service.