Market leading 100,000 hours lifetime
Contactless programmable drivers
Ultra wide temperature range
Flicker free technology

Bright Green Connect
Reliable Power – Smarter Control – More Connected

Bright Green Connect provides power supplies, LED drivers, lighting control and IoT connected products. There is a comprehensive stock, an experienced team and a range of innovative technologies.

We have a deep understanding of the commercial, industrial and controls markets as well as an established quality system and an uncommon enthusiasm for customer service.

Our partners include BOKE, LTECH and Self Electronics together with leading developers of IoT systems.

Bright Green Connect is a sister company to LED lighting specialist Bright Green Technology

Redefining LED Power & Connectivity

  • Future Technologies

    We deliver the latest power and control technologies

  • Connected

    We are connected to our clients, new technologies and markets

  • Consultative Approach

    We investigate, discuss and add value

  • Value Engineering

    We find the right balance between performance and cost

These are some of our connected clients