What drives human centric lighting

To achieve Human Centric Lighting requires tuneable luminaires but it is the lighting controls that ultimately provides the ability to adjust intensity and CCT (Colour Correlated Temperature). This function can of course be controlled manually but the true value of HCL lies in the ability of a system to manage itself in the background and seamlessly adjust control parameters based on factors such as astronomical time based events or pre-determined scenes to achieve desired effects (e.g., improved productivity, well-being, circadian rhythm support etc.)

The challenge is to deliver all this functionality without adding complexity and cost in the commissioning and maintenance of the system.

The required capabilities are now more readily available within established control protocols – such as DALI for example – which allow a high level of functionality as part of a more common/established lighting control system. DALI DT8 devices allow for single address CCT and dimming control and gives standards for the control gear required to achieve this.

Colour temperature control can also be utilised manually to make our spaces more comfortable in line with our incidental needs – like dimming to a warmer light in the evenings or high intensity cooler colours for more productive requirements. There are now many options for local or stand-alone controls which allow colour tuneable lighting to be used in a human centric way without the need for complex control systems.

The reality is not all light is created equal but with the right platform, integration of HCL can be achieved quite easily. It will still require specification of the correct hardware to achieve these capabilities and appropriate commissioning to ensure it seamless integrates however, it is now a reality that can be implemented while still adopting established and accepted processes to modern lighting control.

So if specified correctly, designers and end users can now take advantage of many decades of study showing the legitimate scientific case regarding the influence of colour temperature on human health and the effects of light on our circadian rhythms. As our understanding of colour temperature and its impact on our actions, moods, and performance expands, lighting will become a utility that can be much better tailored to our needs and desires.

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LM Series   

  • 75-100W Constant Voltage Driver
  • 2 Channel CCT dimmable
  • Screwless push fit terminal
  • Toolless cable restraint
  • 0.1% dimming
  • Control protocols: Mains, 0/1-10V, DALI-2 DT8, DMX 512/RDM
  • Push/switch dim on all variants to control brightness and colour temperature

SE 20 Series

  • 20W Constant Voltage
  • 2 Channel CCT Dimmable
  • Dip switch selectable output
  • Terminal Based
  • 0.1% dimming
  • Control protocols: 0/1-10V, DALI-2 DT8, DMX 512/RDM
  • Push/switch dim on all variants to control brightness and colour temperature

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