BK-CWL Series

BOKE Constant Current Linear LED Driver: Non-dimmable

  • Output flicker-free, meets the new requirements of ErP certification
  • Built in active PFC function, high PF, low THD
  • Turn on delay time<0.5s
  • Nominal life-time of up to 100,000 hours
  • 5 year warranty

Model List

Model Number Input Voltage Range Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Min Output Current Max Certification
BK-CWL013-0350A 200-240VAC 14.0W 28-42VDC 0.15A 0.35A See datasheet
BK-CWL022-0600A 200-240VAC 22.8W 28-42VDC 0.35A 0.6A See datasheet
BK-CWL030-0750A 200-240VAC 31.5W 28-42VDC 0.55A 0.8A See datasheet
BK-CWL040-1050A 200-240VAC 40.0W 28-42VDC 0.75A 1.05A See datasheet
BK-CWL050-1250A 200-240VAC 50.4W 28-42VDC 0.95A 1.25A See datasheet
BK-CWL060-1600A 200-240VAC 60.0W 28-42VDC 1.20A 1.6A See datasheet
BK-CWL080-2000A 200-240VAC 80.0W 28-42VDC 1.40A 2A See datasheet