EmCom Joins our partnership agreement


The new and innovative sensor range from EmCom offers market leading performance with DALI-2 certification. Bright Green Connect have extensive experience in smart lighting, power and controls. This latest undertaking further underpins the ongoing commitment to offering best in class DALI compatible products as the market develops.


Established in 1975, EmCom offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise.   With nearly 50 years’ experience in network connectivity and sensor manufacture to ODM and OEM sectors.


 DALI-1 & DALI-2 Sensors

The Emcom range of DALI-2 certified multi-sensors, comprises of a series of models for specific sensing applications. The exceptional sensing performance of each model allows for unique deployment of sensors in DALI-2 applications, reducing sensor count and improving coverage.

 “DALI-2 Sensors are the latest addition to our product portfolio and as the demand grows in the UK market, we are excited to have Bright Green Connect representing us with DALI-2 products.”

Mr. Roger Wang, Vice President of EmCom