BK-PQL Series

BOKE Constant Current Independent LED Driver

  • Soft dimming and flicker-free at any brightness
  • High PF, high efficiency, low THD
  • Compact housing design
  • Screw-free design with easy wiring
  • IP20 protection grade, indoor use
  • Nominal life-time up to 100,000 hrs
  • 5 year warranty

Model List

Model Number Input Voltage Range Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Min Output Current Max Certification
BK-PQL009-0250 200-240VAC 10.5W 28-42V 0.15A 0.25A See Datasheet
BK-PQL013-0300 200-240VAC 12.6W 28-42V 0.25A 0.3A See Datasheet
BK-PQL013-0350 200-240VAC 14W 28-40V 0.30A 0.35A See Datasheet
BK-PQL018-0400 200-240VAC 16.8W 28-42V 0.30A 0.4A See Datasheet
BK-PQL018-0450 200-240VAC 18W 28-42V 0.4A 0.45A See Datasheet
BK-PQL022-0500 200-240VAC 21W 28-42V 0.4A 0.5A See Datasheet
BK-PQL022-0550 200-240VAC 22W 28-40V 0.5A 0.55A See Datasheet
BK-PQL022-0600 200-240VAC 22.8W 28-38V 0.55A 0.6A See Datasheet
BK-PQL040-0950 200-240VAC 39.9W 28-42V 0.55A 0.95A See Datasheet
BK-PQL040-1000 200-240VAC 40W 28-40V 0.95A 1A See Datasheet
BK-PQL042-1000 200-240VAC 42W 28-42V 0.6A 1.A See Datasheet
BK-PQL042-1050 200-240VAC 42W 28-40V 1A 1.05A See Datasheet
BK-PQL042-1100 200-240VAC 41.8W 28-38V 1.05A 1.1A See Datasheet
BK-PQL050-1200 200-240VAC 50.4W 28-42V 1A 1.2A See Datasheet
BK-PQL050-1250 200-240VAC 50W 28-40V 1.2A 1.25A See Datasheet
BK-PQL060-1400 200-240VAC 58.8W 28-42V 1.25A 1.4A See Datasheet
BK-PQL060-1500 200-240VAC 60W 28-42V 1.4A 1.5A See Datasheet
BK-PQL060-1600 200-240VAC 57.6W 28-36V 1.5A 1.6A See Datasheet