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Why size matters for LED power supply – SELF LED drivers

Designing a lighting system often requires a degree of compromise due to the size of your fixtures or the available space in the area that is to be lit. Where space is limited, it can be difficult to conceal the LED power supply into the fixture or within the frame, which can impact the overall performance, as well as the appearance, of the whole system.

Choosing the right power supply is as important as selecting your bulbs and fittings, but this can be complicated as it’s not always clear what you’re getting. Choosing an LED driver based on cost alone is a false economy, since a poor quality or incorrectly specified driver will shorten the lifecycle of the whole system and can cause it to fail.

As specialists in LED power supplies and controls, Bright Green Connect has chosen to distribute SELF Electronics range of LED drivers. SELF LED drivers are available with a wide variety of specifications (including Constant Voltage, Constant Current and specialist LED drivers for dimmable LED) but are particularly useful where size is a consideration. The range offers some of the slimmest profiles in the market – the Super Thin CV models can be as small as 12mm in height – coupled with high power density and market leading designs which ensures bright, consistent lighting and longevity. SELF’s unique form factors can be applied in all kinds of bespoke projects, especially in residential or commercial spaces, but also for use in light boxes, signage and integration into luminaires.

SELF Electronics has over 25 years of experience in the field of LED drivers for commercial and industrial use. SELF LED drivers are designed, manufactured and tested in state-of-the-art, industry leading facilities. The extensive range of products offers compliance with international standards and 5-year warranties, meaning that specifying SELF for your lighting project provides a high level of choice while delivering guaranteed quality and performance.

The SELF range includes:

  • Super Slim Constant Voltage (14mm height)
  • Super Slim Constant Voltage IP67 (16.5mm height)
  • Super Thin Constant Voltage (12mm height)
  • Universal input
  • Linear Constant Current
  • Compact Constant Current CC
  • Dip switch selectable Constant Current output currents

View the complete range of SELF LED drivers, sensors and ancillary products here >


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