Thinking Inside The Box – Why choose a Bright Green Connect LED driver?


Planning a lighting system for any project, whether commercial, retail, architectural, transport or other, should go beyond defining the layout and lighting style. It’s imperative to also consider what kind of power supply will meet the demands of the environment: for example, will the system be indoors or outdoors? Will it be subject to extremes of temperature? How easy is it to access to site to perform maintenance? With all the options available, how do you choose the right LED driver for your project?


We designed the ‘Pro Range’ of Bright Green Connect LED Drivers for optimum performance in almost any environment, with a range of variants to suit your system, including Constant Voltage, Constant Current, and Intelligent control. All our PXS & PXH series LED drivers / power supplies adhere to the latest product standards, but also feature a number of our own innovations developed through our wealth of experience and consultation with customers. Let’s take a look ‘inside the box’ to understand how some of these features ensure reliable and efficient power for any lighting project.


Surge Protection

Surge protection plays a key role in the reliability of any LED driver, especially if they are to be used outdoors or in environments where auxiliary protection is limited. The PXS & PHX series offers 10kV surge protection level as standard for common mode (Line/Neutral to Ground) and 4-6kV for differential mode (Line to Neutral), far surpassing the protection provided from the vast majority other brands of LED driver on the market.


Figure 1 IEC61000‐4‐5 Test Waveform


Flicker Free

Oscillating (flickering) light sources can create uncomfortable surroundings and cause issues such as eye fatigue, headaches, as well as affecting photography and causing stroboscopic effects. With an output frequency of >1KHz the PXS & PHX range of LED Drivers offer smooth flicker-free output which eliminates these issues in most applications and ensures high quality of light output from the light engine.



Utilising cutting-edge technology including the highest quality Japanese capacitors in key positions of the internal circuitry and the latest advancements for all magnetic and control components, means we can offer power supplies with 100k hours lifetime, @Tc=75℃ as standard. The PXS & PXH series LED driver also incorporates internal heatsinks, external aluminium housing, specially designed cooling fins and full potting to ensure optimal thermal management.



Figure 2 Typical Life Time Curve



Reliability is affected by design margins, component quality, thermal management and the inherent power loss of the whole system design. MTBF is calculated to evaluate the reliability of electrical systems, with usually very conservative results. We offer a calculated MTBF value of no less than 300k hours @Tc=75℃ for our entire PXS & PXH series. Combined with advanced manufacturing technics, this inherent reliability is backed by our 7 year warranty.




The PXS & PXH series of LED driver are designed to be able to turn off – with AC connected – through-control signals. With Dim-to-Off controls, also known as standby, all the components are switch off except for the auxiliary power circuit (if present) and MCU, which awaits a wakeup signal. Dim-to-Off allows Luminaire and lighting designers to specify products and installations which keep standby power usage as low as possible.


Dimming options

0‐10V, considered the most common way to dim, is specified by technical standards IEC 60929 Annex E. As a sink and source dimming driver, the native 10V can also be controlled through a potentiometer for resistive dimming or Pulse Width Modulation. With the additional dimming options via the DALI standard (specified by IEC 62386) and DMX512 standard, the PXS & PXH series offer the right dimming option for most common applications. Timer dimming profiles are also possible with our programmable Intelligent LED driver range.



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