Intelligent Adjustable LED Drivers

Adjustable LED drivers have become more popular in recent years thanks to their ability to allow users to adjust the output characteristics of the driver to suit the application.  There are differing types of methods available to achieve this, from software interface (and a serial connection to the driver) to manual dip-switch selection.  For the latter, most manufacturers have realised the benefits of this design themselves as a cost effect and reliable method to offer further functionality to their customers while also reducing their own SKU’s and manufacturing variants.

Bright Green Connect stock and support a wide range of LED drivers with adjustable capabilities to add value, reduce costs and remove complexity from multiple driver requirements.  With this functionality combined with market leading application specific features, our customers are enjoying the benefits of adjustable LED drivers in Architectural, Commercial and Industrial applications.

The adjustable nature of the LED driver allows manufacturers and specifiers to benefit from some key advantages:

  • Reduce LED driver model variants (SKUs) for multiple driver requirements
  • Uniformity in performance across different finished products (regardless of current setting)
  • Consistent size and connections across multiple requirements
  • Support product roadmap; many new LED products will be able to use the existing adjustable drivers
  • Economies of scale; purchasing more of a single model rather than smaller quantities of multiple drivers
  • Simplified stock control and planning

Bright Green Connect offer a wide range of dip-switch selectable drivers from multiple industry leading manufacturers.

Dip-switch selectable benefits:

  • Simple; easy to understand with selection table shown on the product label
  • No additional equipment or skills required
  • Easily repeatable; fast and effective process
  • Mechanical setting; no need to power up the driver to adjust
  • Visual reference; easily check the current setting

In addition Bright Green Connects Pro range of LED drivers (PXS & PXH series) off IP67 drivers with adjustable features.  This is achieved through NFC (Contactless) programmability.

NFC (contactless) programable benefits:

  • Used in IP67 ranges to retain IP rating
  • Eliminates the need for a serial connection
  • Fast and simple programming
  • LED driver does not need to be powered on to program
  • Read and write settings quickly
  • Save profiles for driver settings and perform batch settings

All our adjustable LED drivers are available in conjunction with various dimming protocols which include:

  • Mains Dimming (Leading/Trailing Edge, Phase Dimmable, TRIAC)
  • 0/1-10V
  • DALI / DALI-2
  • DMX
  • Wireless