Compact LED Drivers – for when size matters

In the lighting industry, we are often faced with the challenge of space.  In some cases we need to consider what electronic control gear to use, not just based on electrical characteristics but also whether or not it will fit a certain aperture size.






















We have created this calculator as a useful tool, just enter the width and depth of your LED driver and our calculator will do the rest. Saving you time and effort to get the perfect fit.














Example Calculations with a selection of commonly used LED drivers


Example 1 illustrates the TD-10 Series LED driver.  The ideal aperture size is 40mm.  A 3mm clearance ensures fit.

















Example 2 illustrates the SLT30 VFG Series LED driver, the ideal aperture size is 37mm with a 3mm clearance.

















Example 3 illustrates the BK-PUL010 DALI Series LED driver with the ideal aperture size as 57mm with a 3mm clearance.  Also available in BK-PUL010 1-10V Series.

















Example 4 illustrates the SLT20 Series LED driver – 50mm aperture with a 3mm clearance.  Also available in SLD20 0/1-10V Series & SLD20 DALI Series

















Example 5 illustrates the LM-75 Phase dimming Series LED driver calculates the ideal aperture size as 55mm with a 3mm clearance.  Also available in 0/1-10V, DALI & DMX dimmable versions with 2 channel options for all models for CCT (tuneable white) applications – DT8 certified for the 2 channel DALI variant.

















Example 6 illustrates the SLT6 Series LED driver shows the ideal aperture size as 44mm with a 3mm clearance.
















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