Flagship retail development, Kuwait

With over 1.2 million square meters of retail space and 800 stores, the Avenues Mall is the most prestigious shopping destination in Kuwait.  Within the mall, a leading beauty store brings together the most exclusive and innovative international brands from the world of fragrance, cosmetics and skincare.

Bright Green Technology was tasked by the principal lighting contractor to deliver ceiling lighting that delivered maximum “destination impact”.  This was achieved with a huge animated, colourful ceiling – attracting visitors and ensuring an exciting customer journey, in keeping with the vibrancy of the store.

With a versatile range of LED RGB lighting systems and experience in planning complex installs, Bright Green Technology brought a unique combination of reliable products, creative input and specialist knowledge.

RGB LED Light Panel

The ceiling lighting is powered by RGB LED Light Panel – an ultra-thin, versatile and energy efficient backlighting product, providing consistently bright, uniform illumination.  By dividing the ceiling into large ‘pixels’, each panel is separately addressed and controlled by DMX.  Detailed design led to the production of 332 custom manufactured panels, some in special sizes to fit the dynamic ceiling shape.

The LED Light Panels are installed behind a stretch ceiling, fitted on site to create a clean and diffuse surface.

Power and Control by Bright Green Connect

A granular level of control was required to correctly coordinate the 332 RGB light panels that make up the installation, with the ability to program unique and dynamic scenes and effects.  To achieve this, DMX was selected as the control protocol.  Particular attention was given to the overall performance of the fixtures with flicker a prime consideration due to the expected exposure of social media and professional video.

Bright Green Connect PRO Range rack-mount DMX lighting controllers were deployed to ensure reliable and secure DMX processing.  With the PRO Range controllers boasting an exceptionally high output frequency (20,000Hz) and advanced dimming algorithms, flicker-free operation from set scenes through to dynamic transitions and fades was guaranteed.

The rack-mount controllers were combined with Bright Green Connect PRO Range LED drivers.  These industrial specification drivers were selected to guarantee stable performance and reliability.  Specification of this driver range includes 100,000 Hour life, 7-year warranty and high operating efficiencies – which exceeded customer expectations in these areas – while a wide input supply voltage range of 90-305VAC and 10kV surge immunity offering added protection to the installation from the AC supply.

DMX controllers and LED drivers were mounted into rack cabinets for installation.  Pre-assembled and fully tested in the UK by Bright Green Technology and shipped directly to site ready for installation.

Commissioning and programming

The lighting system is accompanied by advanced software which enables a range of dynamic effects.  Lighting colour and movement can be customised for product launches, national campaigns or just to celebrate the creativity of the brand.  Remote internet access allows Bright Green Technology to adjust programming, monitor performance and fix any problems.  There is also an on-site touch screen for local access.

The Result

Dramatic, dynamic ceiling lighting has enhanced the reputation of the store as a vibrant destination within the Avenues Mall.  Feedback from visitors is excellent and a strong social media presence is driving the growth of the brand.

Changing the lighting program keeps the ceiling feature fresh and provides a constant talking point.

The proactive approach, holistic specialist knowledge and broad capability of Bright Green Technology and Bright Green Connect ensured that the project was delivered at the highest quality and delivered the maximum impact.