SELF Constant Current Mains Dimmable LED Driver

An exclusively designed stable power supply for LED lights with constant current technology, suitable for constant current lights connected in a series. The output current is fully dimmable between 10%-100% by trailing or leading edge dimmers.
The built-in protection circuit will shut down the power supply in case of faults such as: open circuit, short circuit, over load and over temperature. The power supply will restart automatically after the fault has been corrected.

  • Terminal block connections
  • Class II protection
  • 10%-100% dimming by trailing edge or leading edge
  • Ripple free constant output current
  • High compatability for different dimmers
  • Working noise is less than 30dB
  • Open circuit, short circuit, over load and over temperature protection
  • Auto restart after fault conditions removed
  • Efficiency: 85% (AC230V, full load)
  • 5 years warranty
  • Low output current ripple design
  • IP20

Model List

Model Number Input Voltage Range Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Min Output Current Max Certification
SLD12-150IL-eS 198 ~ 264 Vac 7.5W 26-50V 150mA 150mA EN61347 / ENEC
SLD12-180IL-eS 198 ~ 264 Vac 9W 26-50V 180mA 180mA EN61347 / ENEC
SLD12-240IL-eS 198 ~ 264 Vac 12W 26-50V 240mA 240mA EN61347 / ENEC
SLD12-300IL-eS 198 ~ 264 Vac 11.4W 30-38V 300mA 300mA EN61347 / ENEC
SLD12-350IL-eS 198 ~ 264 Vac 12.6W 23-36V 350mA 350mA EN61347 / ENEC
SLD12-500IL-eS 198 ~ 264 Vac 12W 18-24V 500mA 500mA EN61347 / ENEC
SLD12-700IL-eS 198 ~ 264 Vac 11.9W 12-17V 700mA 700mA EN61347 / ENEC