The PXH Series product range has been designed with functionality and reliability at its core.  With market leading specifications and features, this series of products has been designed to offer optimum performance.

With a 180 to 528Vac input range, the PXH series allows use in applications with more specific input voltage requirements.

All models in the PXH Series come with advanced features such as 10kV surge immunity, 100,000 hrs lifetime, Dim-to-off functionality, high output current accuracy (+/- 2%) and 7 year warranty.  In addition, there is a range of options such as NFC Programmability, input Over Voltage Protection, 12Vaux output and control protocol options such as 0-10V, PWM, Timer Dimming, DALI & DMX.  This series represents the forefront of LED driver design.

  • Supply Voltage: 180~528Vac or 250-740Vdc
  • 10kV Surge Immunity
  • 100,000 Hour Life @ Tc=75°C
  • 7 Year Warranty @ Tc<=75°C
  • Contactless Programmability
  • +/- 2% Output Current Accuracy (Programmable Model)
  • 0-10V/PWM/Time/DALI/DMX Dimmable
  • Dim Off with 1.5W Standby Power (Model Dependant)
  • 12V 300mA Auxillary Power (Model Dependant)
  • UL Class P Version Available
  • Safety according to EN 61347-1, 61347-2-3, 61347-2-13, 62384

Model List

Model Number Input Voltage Range Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Min Output Current Max Certification
PXH-200-C105 180 ~ 528 Vac 200W 114-286Vdc 700mA 1050mA CB/ENEC/CCC
PXH-200-C140 180 ~ 528 Vac 200W 86-190Vdc 1050mA 1400mA CB/ENEC/CCC
PXH-200-C210 180 ~ 528 Vac 200W 57-143Vdc 1400mA 2100mA CB/ENEC/CCC
PXH-200-C420 180 ~ 528 Vac 200W 29-71Vdc 2800mA 4200mA CB/ENEC/CCC
PXH-200-C630 180 ~ 528 Vac 200W 19-45Vdc 4400mA 6300mA CB/ENEC/CCC