BK-DGL-D Series

BOKE Constant Current Linear Colour Temperature LED Driver: DALI-2, PUSH-DIM & PUSH CCT


  • DALl-2 DT8 + PUSH-CCT control
  • 10-level current output set through external DIP-switch selector
  • Soft dimming and flicker-free at any brightness
  • Using HPC patented technology, at any dimming level, the current output between drivers is the same
  • Dimming range 1 %~ 100%, output current accuracy 1 %
  • Standby power input<0.5W
  • High PF, high efficiency, low THD
  • Intelligent LED hot-plug protection
  • SELV and Class II design with use of additional end cap accessories
  • Nominal life-time up to 100,000Hrs
  • 5 year warranty

Model List

Model Number Input Voltage Range Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Min Output Current Max Certification
BK-DGL042-1050AD 200~240VAC 42.0W 12-54VDC 0.6A 1.05A See Datasheet
BK-DGL060-1500AD63.0W12 200~240VAC 63.0W 12-54VDC 1.05A 1.55A See Datasheet
BK-DGL060-2000AD 200~240VAC 62.0W 12-54VDC 1.55A 2A See Datasheet