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Innovative Digital Lighting Control from BOKE DALI DT8 (part 209) offers the ability to control colour temperature via the DALI protocol. This is allowing OEM manufacturers to offer more advanced lighting products into the market to meet this demand for ‘more controllable’ lighting. Here we take a closer look at the BOKE DT8 product ranges, […]

There are so many business benefits when using our range of selectable output LED drivers and we’ve put together a few of them below: Why buy multiple products when one has the versatility to supply multiple output currents with wide range output voltage.   You could operate your business with up to 75% less inventory. Power […]

Adjustable LED drivers have become more popular in recent years thanks to their ability to allow users to adjust the output characteristics of the driver to suit the application.  There are differing types of methods available to achieve this, from software interface (and a serial connection to the driver) to manual dip-switch selection.  For the […]

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Take a look at our latest video featuring LTech drivers with T-PWM dimming technology, this is available across the entire range and ensures a smooth flicker free dimming down to 0.1%.   As you can see from this video, it’s much easier to demonstrate than explain with a data sheet.  As the UK distributor we supply […]

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Gooee Bluetooth Wireless Interface Module

Gooee enabled Bright Green Connect LED drivers will facilitate dynamic lighting control for building managers and lighting manufacturers   Bright Green Connect will be launching the Gooee Bluetooth Wireless Interface Module (WIM) at Building Tech Live, part of UK Construction Week (Birmingham, UK, 09-11 October 2018). The WIM enables an extensive range of Bright Green […]

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SELF Electronics LED drivers

Designing a lighting system often requires a degree of compromise due to the size of your fixtures or the available space in the area that is to be lit. Where space is limited, it can be difficult to conceal the LED power supply into the fixture or within the frame, which can impact the overall […]

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