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BOKE becomes 9th member of the DALI-CFG

BOKE we’re one of the first Chinese driver manufacturers to join the DALI Alliance, which was quickly followed by some of the earliest deployments of DALI driver and system-related products. Now, the company’s relationship with the DALI standard continues to gain strength with two exciting announcements that BOKE has become a DALI Regular member and also the 9th member of the DALI Alliance China Focus Group (DALI-CFG).

As part of the DALI-CFG, BOKE sit alongside some of the biggest and most progressive global brands in lighting control in order to ‘actively participate in the DALI Alliance’s affairs to promote DALI’s development and globalisation’.


About DALI Alliance China Focus Group (DALI-CFG)

DALI-CFG is the only authorized organisation of the DALI Alliance in Greater China (including Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) and is composed of members of the DALI Alliance in Greater China, with the first members coming from nine leading DALI smart lighting service providers: signify, Leedarson, Delta, Ledvance, Osram, Tridonic, Helvar, zencontrol and BOKE.

DALI-CFG will host the DALI Forum and Summit in China, issue the DALI Technical Guidebook, integrate into the Design Institute, engage in DALI Technical Training and other activities.

About the DALI Alliance

The DALI Alliance is a standards organization of more than 400 global lighting companies dedicated to the global standardization and equipment certification of the DALI Protocol, providing full connectivity of intelligent lighting systems. Existing standards include DALI-2 for drivers (dimming DT6/color DT8) and control devices (human, light, switch, etc.), DALI-2 for data collection and debugging, future-proof wireless DALI gateways or IP- and DALI-based.

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